Thursday, March 7, 2013

Carpet cleaning and Odours

Did you know that carpet cleaning has an intimate relationship with your senses? Our senses are amazing things, and in particular our sense of smell is sometimes mystifying. Our sense of smell can tell us when fruit is ripe, when the rain is coming and has come, and it can even magically transport us back to our first day of school just by the memory of a smell. I want you to go and do something, nothing too crazy. Go into your living room, your entry way, your bathroom, wherever your carpet gets the most traffic and give it a smell. No really, get down there and smell your carpet. What does it smell like? Your pets? Last night’s dinner? Something worse?

Carpet odour is a problem that affects hundreds and hundreds or people. It isn’t really a surprise; our carpets get used more than almost everything else in our homes. We track all kinds of things into and onto our carpets everyday from outside and inside. Carpet odour is directly related to chemicals, most odours are chemical reactions that give off an unwanted smell to the surrounding air. Carpet odour doesn’t always mean your carpets are “dirty” either. Your carpets may look beautiful but be full of some bacteria smelling up the house. Capet cleaning is more than just dealing with unsightly stains. When there is a need for odour control on your carpets, first you need to identify the source and remove it with the correct cleaner. Treating the area with enzymes and molecular modifiers also helps to remove the affected area and neutralize it. Once it is neutralized, it no longer gives off the gas that causes the odour to become airborne.

Carpet odour is a solvable problem; carpet cleaning can eliminate the odours and get your carpet back to smelling its best!

It is also important to seal the area locking in any remaining odour source. When carpet cleaning, using the correct chemicals, those that will not harm the environment in your home, is critical. We all have environmental concerns today, especially with all the pets and children that come in contact with your carpet every day. Our carpet cleaning techniques are designed to ensure the unwanted odours are removed and the health of your household is protected, both from disease causing bacteria and from harmful chemicals.

If you live in the Dublin Wicklow area, we want to help you with all your carpet cleaning and odour control needs. Carpet odour can be a serious problem, but it can be quickly and effectively eliminated. When you are choosing a carpet cleaning team, always ask questions to understand the process they use to do the job. Odour control can vary depending on the various sources that you have in your homes that cause odours in your carpets. What questions can we answer for you? Give us a call, we would love to partner with you to take the best care of your carpets.

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