Monday, December 10, 2012

nail varish removal

How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet: Step by Step

Nail polish may look like it will ruin your carpet, but when handled immediately after the spill; youll never be able to tell it was there. There are a few different ways you can get nail polish spills out of the carpet, so take a look at this to find out how.
Step One: Use a non-acetone based polish remover on a cloth towel. If you use an acetone based nail polish remover, you will cause damage to the carpet, and it may alter the color.
Step Two: Blot the polish remover on the spill, being careful not to spread the polish to a larger area of carpet. Do not rub or the stain will spread. You will have to use several towels to completely get the stain out, and it may look like youre making it worse at first.
Step Three: When dry, use a bit of dish soap and warm water to remove the smell of the polish remover. Youll never know anything happened once the smell goes away.
In addition to using a non-acetone based polish remover, you can also try window cleaner, Goo Gone, or vinegar. Though any of these three will work to get nail polish out of carpet, as a last resort, a fabric marker from a craft store can also be used to color the carpet over the stain.

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