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how often do you need to get your carpets cleaned

Cleaning Carpets

How Often Do You Need To Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

After investing in carpeting in your home it is necessary to know how to take care of it not only for appearances sake but for longevity of the carpets. Just vacuuming your carpets is not enough although it is a necessity. Carpet, no matter what type, holds everything inside of it from dust, hair, mites, odors and of course dirt and stains. Each carpet will need to be cleaned differently depending on several things. For instance you wouldn't want to handle a cheaply made carpet as often as you could a wool rug. Each time a carpet is cleaned it gets broken down a little and so it is important to know the quality of the carpets to be cleaned before actually doing it.
Carpet Cleaning SteamIf you live alone with nothing other than normal environmental factors to dirty your carpets, cleaning them once a year should be sufficient. If you smoke, have pets or children or if the carpet is in a high traffic area it should be cleaned every six to nine months depending on how exposed it is. If you live in a dusty or a humid area it can have an effect on your carpets cleanliness. Even if it seems there is nothing in your home to dirty the carpets you must remember all of the invisible invaders which are in your carpet. If for no other reason than a healthier environment, have the carpets cleaned annually.
If you happen to live in a home with kids, pets and smokers it is recommended that you have the carpets cleaned as often as every three months, assuming that the grade of carpet can withstand such frequency. You may be able to clean them less frequently if you have more hard surfaced floors than carpets, taking the brunt of traffic and usage.
Keep in mind that there are different methods of carpet cleaning which offer different purposes such as general upkeep or a thorough deep cleansing. There are hot water extraction methods, all electric methods and various steaming methods for steam carpet cleaning. In any carpet cleaning method it is vital to extract the most amount of moisture possible. This will prevent water staining, bleaching and mold formations underneath the surfaces.
In between the carpet cleanings vacuuming should be done as frequently as possible. This prevents dirt and dust from being ground down into the fibers and matting of the carpet. By keeping it off of the surface it becomes significantly easier to super clean it later.
All carpets which you purchase should come with manufactures instructions for cleaning. By keeping these instructions available to you and discussing any concerns with a professional carpet cleaning technician you should be able to keep your carpets beautiful and healthy for your environment for a very long time.

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