Tuesday, April 16, 2013

how to get rid of vomit (what a lovely blog i have)

Cleaning up vomit is one of the worst cleaning tasks around. When it lands on carpet, you have a double task. Remove the oudors and the stains. The key is using the right cleaners to break through the mess and remove it for good. 

You Will Need:

Dust pan
Paper towels or old rags
Warm water
Enzyme-based cleaner
Baking soda or corn starch

Steps to Clean the Carpet: Start by removing as much of the vomit as possible. Use a dust pan or other scraper to remove as much as possible. For smaller messes, a spoon will work.
Next, blot the area with old rags or paper towels to absorb the moisture.
Cover the area with baking soda or corn starch. Either of these products will soak up the excess moisture.
Allow it to set on the area for 10-15 minutes.
Vacuum away the baking soda or corn starch with a vacuum.
Next, you will treat the area for the odor and/or stains that may be present.
Apply an enzyme-based cleaner. These are readily available in the cleaning aisle or with the pet supplies. These cleaners break down the odor-causing proteins so they can be removed completely. They are effective in removing stains as well.
Apply a liberal amount of cleaner to the area.
Blot it with a clean cloth or paper towels to remove the cleaner and the stain.
Repeat as necessary.
If these cleaners are not available, water can be mixed with vinegar and dish soap. Use the same application/blotting method to clean the area.
Once the area is clean, allow it to air dry completely.
Vacuum the dry surface to restore the texture.

Additional Tips and Advice For best results, clean the carpet immediately. The longer the vomit sits, the further it will soak into the carpet and padding and will be more difficult to remove.
Some cleaners,  are designed to stay on the carpet and air dry as they clean and remove the odors. There is no need to rinse after using these products.

Dry cleaning fluid is also helpful for removing vomit stains from carpet.
After vacuuming the area, dispose of the contents and replace the bag. This will help prevent odours and bacteria growth inside the vacuum.
If at the end you are not happy with the results don’t hesitate to call a professional carpet cleaner. They carry a wide range of products to get rid of these smelly stains

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